Working at Sea

Working onboard an at sea processing vessel is physically and mentally challenging.  The environment is wet and cold and the shifts are long.  The job requires physical endurance, repetitive lifting, agility, prolonged periods of standing, teamwork and self-discipline.  Crew members make a contractual commitment to being at sea for extended periods of time, leaving family and friends at home.

There are many positions onboard a vessel. They range from a Captain or Mate in the wheelhouse, Bosun or Deckhand on deck, Chief Engineers in the Engine room, Chief Steward and Assistant Cooks in the Galley, Supervisors and Foremen in the factory.

Our entry level positions are our Processors who work many areas within our factories or Galley Helper/Housekeeper in our Galley departments. All positions play an important role in the success of this company.

H&G Processing Video

Pollock Processing Video