C/P Northern Glacier

The Northern Glacier was built by Martinac Shipyard in 1983 in Tacoma and designed by Jensen Maritime of Seattle specifically for fishing conditions in Alaska. As the first vessel launched by Glacier Fish Company, the Northern Glacier set the standard for quality and production of Pacific Cod and Alaskan Pollock. The Northern Glacier has earned a reputation for reliability, which speaks well for Pacific Northwest design and construction. In 2011 Glacier Fish Company converted the Northern Glacier into an H & G (head and gut) vessel for fishing groundfish species. Powered by a Bergen diesel engine, and equipped with the latest processing machinery and refrigeration, the Northern Glacier has a daily production capacity of up to 93 metric tons of finished product daily.
Length:  201 feet
Horse Power: 3000
Tonnage: 1109
Hold Capacity: 630 metric tons
Crew capacity: 55
Products: H&G, Whole/Round, HG&T, Round with Roe
Species: Yellowfin Sole, Rock Sole, Flathead Sole, AK Plaice, Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod, Arrowtooth Flounder, Greenland Turbot, Atka Mackerel, Pacific Ocean Perch (POP), Rockfish (Sebastes spp.), Prowfish

Seasons Operated:

The Northern Glacier operates in the Bering Sea approximately 10 months a year.