F/T Alaska Ocean

The factory trawler Alaska Ocean was built by the Blount Marine Corporation in Warren, Rhode Island, in 1981.  Alaska Ocean was redesigned by Guido Perla and Associates from Seattle in 1989 and rebuilt by Ulstein Hatlo in Norway in 1990 specifically to catch and process Alaska Pollock and Pacific Whiting.   In the summer of 2008, Glacier Fish Company purchased the Alaska Ocean and has successfully completed major improvements of the Factory and Fishmeal plants.  The Alaska Ocean is the largest catcher/processor vessel in the US fleet with a capacity to catch and process up to 225 metric tons of frozen finished product daily.

Length: 376 feet
Horse Power: 6600
Tonnage: 4555
Hold Capacity: 2150 Metric Tons
Fishmeal Capacity: 500 Metric Tons
Crew capacity: 143
Products:  Fillet, surimi, mince, roe, milt, fishmeal & fish Oil
Species: Alaska Pollock, Pacific Cod, Pacific Whiting

Seasons Operated:

A Season:  Depart Seattle early January.  Pollock harvested and processed from January to early April in the Bering Sea.
Hake: Depart Seattle 1st half of May or after B season.  Pacific Whiting harvested and processed from mid-May to early June AND/OR in the fall (October/November/December), off the Washington & Oregon Coasts
B Season: Depart Seattle in June.  Pollock harvested and processed from June to mid-October in the Bering Sea.